IF YOU ARE A MAN between the ages of Eighteen and One-hundred-and-eighteen, Spelande! is written for you.  If you like humour, intelligent, sometimes-sophisticated articles, and an exploration of the elevated man’s lifestyle, Spelande! will become a favourite.


On the pages of Spelande! you will find photo-essays, quality fiction, special features, and informative articles about achieving, maintaining, and sustaining a quality masculine life.

Men’s magazines, for the most part, have become polarized by either being all about men’s fashions or all about outdoorsmanship.

We’re interested in fashion, and even being outdoors, but we honestly spend most of our time either in the office or relaxing at our apartments.  We entertain at our homes, cook, sleep, and on occasion will invite a new girlfriend over.

We have no intention of saving the world or entering politics so don’t expect to find that on our pages.  Here, you will find entertainment and diversions and from time to time may learn something new you might want to try.

We simply want to live in our modern world as the best possible men we can be while also enjoying simple, and sometimes extravagant, luxuries.


Raise Your Game with Spelande! Magazine

Spelande! is published monthly, with bi-monthly feature updates.

None of our content may be used in part or in whole without the express written consent of our editor.  The use of real names similar to those living or dead in our fiction articles is by mere coincidence and is not intentional. Curated articles are provided by numerous sources with the proper use of canonical attribution.