Juggalos: Gang or Family?

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December 8, 2017

What is a Juggalo? A Juggalo/Juggalette is a fan of the group Insane Clown Posse or any Psychopathic Records Artist. Insane Clown Posse more commonly referred to as ICP is an underground hip-hop group as are most of the artists on their label. ICP founded Psychopathic Records alongside Alex Abbiss in 1991 with the iconic hatchetman for their logo.

by Lexi Sheets

This hatchet man logo quickly became the symbol for their fan base. What you may not know is that ICP wasn’t always known as the Insane Clown Posse, when these guys first hit the music scene they were actually known as the Inner City Posse it was still Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope but there was another guy as well John Kickjazz (Joseph Utsler) and following their 1991 EP Bassment Cuts the Inner City Posse hired a local record store owner to be the manager; that owner was Alex Abbiss.

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Not long after releasing their first professionally recorded album Dog Beats, the Inner City Posse received a major makeover changing their style, look, and name. What emerged was what we now know as Insane Clown Posse. It was at this point that ICP created the Dark Carnival a concept that would be adopted by many Psychopathic artists to this day.

ICP recruited Esham and Kid Rock for there debut album Carnival of Carnage and the fans began to roll in despite John Kickjazz leaving the group months before it’s release.

This was the raw uncut music we were waiting for, for so long. The truth was in those words and still is all these years later.

You see Juggalos/Juggalettes wanted someone that sees the world as clearly as they did. Someone to have the balls to say the things no one would say back in the 90’s. ICP was that someone. Although we didn’t know we were Juggalos/Juggalettes at that time we were considered different, some might say we were outcast.

But it was through ICP’s music that we all found hope, we had found others that felt the same way we did. We found others that also found solace in ICP’s music. It was that music that had brought all of us together. Soon after coming together through this music we found that this union was much more than just fandom this was a family. Everyone was willing to help each other, even if it meant giving the shirt off their back.

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Now this Family fell under attack by the FBI in 2011 when the FBI decided to label Juggalos a gang. What caused the FBI to label the Juggalos a gang? Well, that still remains unclear to this day. As you’ve probably heard the saying “one bad apple spoils the bunch” well the FBI sees it as “ a few bad apples ruin the crop.”

ICP has been trying to fight this label for some years now, filing a lawsuit against the FBI in 2013. But in government fashion, the case has been held in limbo. ICP is a band that truly cares about their fans, to be going to great lengths to protect them from the despair this label has brought to their lives. Families have been ripped apart all because a parent has a hatchetman tattoo, people have lost jobs all because they listen to ICP, and these are just two examples of the many wrongs happening to Juggalos because of the FBI labeling of the Juggalos a gang.

Gang let’s take a look at that word for a moment. The word gang is defined by the dictionary as an organized group of criminals or as a group of young people involved in petty crime or violence. The Juggalos do not gather to commit petty crime or violence, and most don’t even have a criminal record. Yet the FBI has the Juggalos classified right alongside organizations like MS13, Bloods, Crips, and many other true gangs. Even though the Juggalos are just people who come together in the name of music and the love of family.

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In 2017 when hurricane Harvey stuck Texas, the Juggalos gathered as much water and food supplies as they could and went to Texas to help those in need. There were no MS13’s, Bloods, or Crips on site offering aid, as gangs don’t think of others for anything more than self-gain. Just other of the many reasons Juggalos are not a gang.

The Juggalos is a lifestyle, one of love and acceptance. Juggalos do not judge, they know nothing of hate. These are the people the rest of America should be looking up to as examples of how we all should be living life. With a heart filled with love, and non-judgmental, basically just minding your own business and living your life.

In September 2017 the Juggalos held a march on D.C to protest the gang label. Everyone who knew about it said it was going to be a disaster, that you couldn’t put that many Juggalos together and expect them to protest peacefully. Well, those people were wrong, the Juggalos march on D.C went down as the most peaceful protest of the year.

Yet the FBI maintains its stand as having the Juggalos on the gang list. What do the Juggalos have to do shed this undeserved title of a gang? As a Juggalo, I want to close this article with this. We are not a gang, we’re family. So keep up the fight brothers and sisters, when all is said and done, we will come out on top and have the Juggalos removed from the gang list. Whoop! Whoop!

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Cannabis Boom: Concentrates are Better than Flower


December 7, 2017

Cannabis is becoming legalized across the United States with 8 states already having full legalization for recreational and medical use. 11 states have medical and decriminalization laws in effect, and 28 more states have some form of medical use laws in place. With legalization-taking place across the country, dispensaries are popping up everywhere, and with it, people are learning that there are a ton of ways to use Cannabis besides just smoking the buds.

by Lexi Sheets

Cannabis Boom – Marijuana flowering buds with macro crystals( cannabis), hemp plant.

People are learning about the many different edibles beyond the traditional hash or bud brownies. There are lollipops, hard candies, gummies and Chocolate bars of all kinds.

They are also learning that you can get lotions, massage oils, and lip balm with THC that get you high by seeping through your pores.

But none of these methods are making as big a splash in the cannabis world as Concentrates. You’re probably asking what are concentrates? Well, concentrates are any type of cannabis product that is refined from flower into a more purified and potent form.

In the cannabis industry concentrates are referred to as Oils, Dabs, Shatter, Wax, Hash, and Kief. Don’t worry if you’re new to the cannabis scene; I will explain what each of these is in more detail in this article.

Concentrate oils are just what it sounds like, it’s the oils exacted from the marijuana plants using a process that separates the natural plant oils from the cannabis plant. Oils are the most potent way to receive THC/CBD most oils range from 50% to 80% of the cannabis plants THC/CBD content. This, in turn, gives the user a longer lasting and harder hitting high. Because it’s just the oil of the plant you get a smoother hit without the cough you get with flower.

Oils have also entered the edible market as pills. So for those that don’t like to smoke, there is still a way to partake in the cannabis boom and receive all the benefits of this wonderful plant placed here by our loving mother earth.

Dabs, Shatter, and Wax are all essentially the same thing the only thing the sets them apart from one another is the consistency as each one goes through a different process to be made. Dabs come out if it’s process with a tree sap consistency. Dabs require special equipment to smoke, often requiring either a Dab rig or a Vaporizer.

There is a learning curve with this method and you have to preheat the dab nail then use a dabber to handle the dab to the hot nail. This method is best for experienced users.

Shatter is Dabs in a more solid form. It comes out of its process with a consistency of amber and looks like a sheet of ice with honey mixed into it. Although you can add dabs to flower to increase potency, shatter and wax are best for this because of their consistency. Shatter does just that it shatters into small to medium size rocks making it easy to add to a blunt, joint, or use as a bowl topper.

Wax is just that, it’s a wax-like dab that comes in two forms solid and crumble. Crumble wax is made with a similar process as shatter but has pre-purged oils used that generally have a high moisture content, and are cooked at a different temperature than shatter. Which gives crumble its cheese like body after purging it. Crumble can be difficult to work with unless you’re using a portable vaporizer, but is most commonly used as a bowl topper to flower due to the difficulty of handling it.

If you’ve been in the cannabis world long you may already know the next concentrate which is hash. Well, hash is the by-product of the trichomes being separated from the female plant then processed to achieve resin separation. The most common way to do hash is a mobile vaporizer but can also be done using a dabbing rig.

Which brings us to the last concentrate, which is a naturally produced concentrate and its Kief. This is the dust you see on a bud before harvest. Often a majority of the kief is knocked off at harvest and in transit, but what remains can be found at the bottom of a grinder. Cannabis companies have perfected a technique to collect the kief and package it as a bowl topper. That’s what stoners have been doing for years.

Flower contains 10-25% THC after harvest mostly due to the loss of kief and trichomes during the harvest process and transport. Flower is often not allowed enough time to cure properly or time much time in the curing. So you end up with either wet or stick bud that doesn’t stay lit or dry and crumble bud that doesn’t get you as high as it should.

So concentrates are better than flower because they get you higher faster, you have many options on how to do them, they have a much higher THC/CBD content which makes them great people need to medicate. You don’t get the harshness of flower with the endless cough sessions. That’s my take on concentrates, peace, love, and fly high my stoner bothers and sisters.

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Subscription Boxes for Men


November 16, 2017

Whether you're looking for a gift idea for a friend or loved one, or just want to treat yourself, there are subscription boxes for men out there for every taste and budget. The boxes listed below are just the tip of the iceberg for what you might find at your doorstep each month!

Five Four Club

If your wardrobe needs an update, the Five Four Club subscription service might be a good option to try. You start by taking a short style quiz that helps them figure out what your fashion sense is.

After that, you'll get about two clothing items a month in styles that range from hipster to classic: past boxes have included items like button-down shirts, chinos, and jeans.

Five Four costs about $60 a month and offers free size exchanges.


Harry's was founded in 2013, so they've been in the subscription box service for a pretty long time.

They're a company that ships you razors and other shaving accessories.

Harry's offers different “shave plans” that starts with a free trial and can be built to recurring shipments of blade and gel refills.


Hello Fresh

If you're more of a foodie, Hello Fresh lets you make about 3-4 meals per week, depending on the plan you pick and how many people you're cooking for.

You can choose from one of 13 recipes each week and the menu is always changing. (They even offer a “veggie” plan for vegetarian/vegan chefs.) Each box has a clear recipe card and ingredients that are already portioned out.

Hello Fresh has a wine club in addition to their regular recipe box. The wines are curated to complement each Hello Fresh meal.

There's a mixed wine plan, but you can also choose a specifically red or white plan depending on your taste preferences. Each wine box includes six bottles and has an online segment with tasting notes and advice on food pairings.


Tasting Room

The Tasting Room box lets you unleash your inner sommelier with new wines every month. The company sends you full-sized bottles of either red or white wines, and you can choose how many bottles you want per shipment.

You establish your taste profile by rating a kit of six mini bottles. After that, you can continue to refine your preferences by rating each new bottle that Tasting Room sends you.

As a subscriber, you also get to preview your orders and cancel any wines that don't look good.


Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post sends boxes that fit a specific theme. While the theme changes each month, some common categories are related to drinking, travel, and grooming supplies.

You'll get things like whiskey, cigars, sunglasses, and hair gel that are all from the indie brands that Bespoke Post partners with.

You have the option to skip a theme that doesn't interest you. Bespoke Post also offers a single-month box for a trial run.



Battlbox is specifically designed for the outdoorsman in you, whether you're roughing it in the wild for days at a time, or just going fishing for the afternoon.

The monthly themes are called “missions.” Past missions have been called “Deep in the Woods,” “Zombie Box,” and “Self Reliance.”

Each box has a “mission card” that gives a situation report telling the story behind the box's contents. Boxes typically include items like knives, self-preserving food, and tactical gear.

You start at the “basic” level, which typically has about 4 items per box, but can spend more to upgrade to the “advanced,” “pro,” or even “pro plus” levels for more specialized equipment.

The website lets you preview the box's contents and purchase the items directly.

Loot Crate

Satisfy your inner nerd with the geeky contents of a Loot Crate. The company's monthly boxes are specifically designed around fandom – whatever that means to you.

There are different themes that you can choose from. Some boxes are for pop culture and television or film fans, while others are for gamers.

Sometimes LootCrate also sells limited-edition boxes that are one-off collections based on popular series such as Stranger Things. There are even Loot Crates for pets. If you don't want a particular theme, you can also order general apparel boxes (or “LootWear”) that offer t-shirts, socks, and underwear.

Gentleman's Box

The Gentleman's Box subscription is very similar to Bespoke Post in that it is also oriented around sending unique lifestyle items from smaller brands. The Gentleman's Box is partnered with GQ, so each box includes a one-year subscription to the magazine. You also get about 4-6 items such as accessories and grooming supplies. The monthly theme is a type of gentleman, from a “space officer” to a “master distiller.”

Not only are there themed boxes, but you can also choose the “mystery box” at either the $100 or $200 value range.

The mystery box is a blend of products from previous boxes. If you want to narrow down the Gentleman's Box offerings even further, the company has an apparel subscription service with their “tie of the month” or “sock of the month” clubs. The premium box subscription is a quarterly box shipment that sends you of $300 worth of a variety of accessories at $100 per quarter.


This particular subscription is a good choice if you're a true coffee connoisseur. MistoBox curates your monthly coffee shipment based on a brief taste quiz. Select your preferred roast level, type of coffee (or decaf), and how often you drink it. Finally, you choose what “experience” you want. The “favorites” option will send you the same coffee in every delivery.

The “adventure” option will send you 80 different coffees at once, from over 25 different roasters. You can pick if you're shopping for yourself or sending the MistoBox as a gift.

The coffee in the personal boxes is roasted and shipped immediately. Gift boxes are sent on a scheduled basis and you have the choice to include coffee accessories like a mug.

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