The Terzo Millennio Lamborghini


November 16, 2017

In the world of supercars, Lamborghini has always held a special place. For the past several decades, Lamborghini has been producing some of the most recognizable supercars in the world. Owning a Lamborghini has become a symbol of wealth and opulence in a way unique to this brand. We have come to expect not only excellence from Lamborghini but also cutting-edge styling. Each new Lamborghini is a hard, flat wedge of futuristic technology and aggressive lines that are sure to turn heads everywhere it is driven. The question becomes, what is next? Where is there to go from here for Lamborghini? And with oil prices rising, the future of the supercar is starting to look a little uncertain. How can companies continue to make these fuel hungry machines as the world's supply of fossil fuels begins to dwindle? Never to be left behind, Lamborghini is currently working on the answers to these questions, and the results thus far are impressive.

What if the new Lamborghini didn't need gasoline at all?

What if it were all electric? And what if it were made of futuristic materials that are self-healing? That's right, self-healing. This is what Lamborghini has in mind for its new concept car, the Terzo Millennio, which literally translates as Third Millennium. This car pushes the boundaries in a way never before seen by Lamborghini or any other supercar producer working today. The car itself is supposed to be completely electric. No Lamborghini V12 roaring away from the center of the vehicle as we have come to expect from this Italian maker. They are proposing an all-electric car. At this point, many of us are familiar with more than one brand of electric car and we know that battery packs for electric cars take up a lot of space and weight a ton, so how does Lamborghini intend to address this obvious obstacle to performance and speed? They are going to craft the body panels from the battery material itself.

This may sound crazy, but the plan is to craft body panels for the Terzo Millennio which function as the part which will store the electricity needed to operate the vehicle. Lamborghini claims that these panels will also be self-healing. The car will be able to run a self-diagnostic check to identify cracks in the body panels and will then heat up the material around these cracks and fuse the edges back together seamlessly, effectively healing itself. They plan on accomplishing this by utilizing supercapacitors instead of traditional batteries. Supercapacitors are much lighter than traditional batteries and they are able to discharge their stored energy much faster than traditional batteries, permitting much faster acceleration than even the Tesla Model S. This technology sounds completely impossible to produce, but reserve any judgement, because Lamborghini has teamed up with some of the most gifted and talented minds available today at the labs inside of MIT.

Teaming up with the smartest engineers they could find at MIT proves that Lamborghini is committed to seeing this concept car become a reality. Unlike so many concept cars that are never put into production, Lamborghini fully intends to produce this car. The Lamborghini research and development team is partnering directly with MIT in a collaboration that has never been seen before. This partnership is already producing some incredible ideas. For instance, the system of getting power to the wheels in the Terzo Millennio is a brand new idea: each wheel will have its own electric motor which operates independently from the rest and will glow bright red while in use. This feature will give the car incredible maneuverability and handling while having the added benefit of looking incredible as the electric supercar goes whizzing by.

The styling seen in the concept images of the Terzo Millennio is outlandish, even by Lamborghini's standards. Yes, it is another hard, flat wedge of incredible technology, but it is so much more than that. The glowing engines on each wheel draw the eye instantly to the bottom of the car where we see that rather than tucking the wheel in close to the inside of the car like we are sued to seeing with the Gillardo, Lamborghini has chosen to sculpt gorgeous, curved fenders around the futuristic wheels. The body of the car is filled with tunnels and channels which are all part of the aerodynamics of the car and add to the cutting edge look of the whole picture. The car will most likely be available in Lamborghini's famously garish color pallet, but the concept version of the Terzo Millennio is black, and it is stunning. The dark color allows the futuristic wheels to steal the show, and the final product will also most likely look best in a similarly dark color.

So is this truly the future of supercar technology? We have already seen a turn toward hybrid technology with the Porsche 918, a hybrid supercar which utilizes both a gas motor and an electric motor together to produce incredible horsepower. Since the hybrid supercar barrier has already been crossed, it was only a matter of time before one of the manufacturers took the next logical step and produced an entirely electric version of the supercar concept. The excitement surrounding the development and eventual release of the Terzo Millennio is undeniable, and leaves onlookers asking just one question: when can we buy one?

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