Guide for Those New to Casinos

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November 21, 2017

The initial visit to a casino can be something to behold. Sights of flashing lights, audible bells and alarms consistently rings, and other such attention-getters are plentiful. It can be a bit to digest, making it difficult to post a game plan or strategy once you have entered this new-found kingdom. If there is one thing you can do before trekking these new grounds, it is to study up. Materials detailing casino games, odds-making, and other such content associated with these mainstays is publicized heavily. The internet is the primary source, but many people have found success writing books and publications about casinos and their games. We have built this guide to help you find your footing in this space. Who knows, you may even win some money if you pay attention to the prescribed signs and advantages we are about to present to you.

New to Casinos, at First Glance

When you first step into a casino, you will notice many different visuals that seem appealing. Sounds will encompass the airwaves, helping to perk up your ears and listen in. These main attractants are the first representations of discourse. Following these noises and sights is a step in the wrong direction. Casinos will host equip their most quirky machines with these items. They may look nice, but don't touch. These machines are loaded with longshot odds, often carrying the largest advantage to the casino on the entire floor. This is a common practice for most casinos. They will draw in those who have little knowledge of the casino space by catering to the main senses: sight and sound. Hold your reins tight and avoid this initial draw.

Your first area of scope should be the player's club. These are incentive programs that casinos offer their players. Enrollment is often free, and the player stands to receive some sort of playing credit or bonus just for applying. If you find yourself handing over credit card information and other such banking information, back out. Some of these programs are dedicated to the VIP players or players who spend way too much dough at these establishments. Ensure you are aware of the difference between these two programs so you don't begin by signing your personal belongings away to the casino. These programs won't disrupt your life, but there should be a free player's club offering. Shoot for this model. Most casinos will start you off with minimal amounts of free playing credits, sometimes as high as $20, which starts you off in the green or in an optimal position to sample the gameplay options.

You should also set your eyes on a comfort or cool down place. There are many different lounges that are housed in these casinos. Some casinos also feature a resort add-on. There should be a few different “safe” areas for you to sample from. While you may find a coffee shop with astronomical prices, this can mark a perfect cool down spot. Most of the lounges and other little shops will feature a clock, which is something you should also be consistently aware of. It is easy to lose yourself in the sights and sounds of a casino. You can lose track of time easily. You will also find that there are no visible timepieces or time clocks on the machines. This is by design. The more time you play, the better chance the casino has at draining your stream of funds. You cannot win forever, so finding a place to sit back will you are ahead or re-group when you have burned through your allocated gambling funds is good practice. Source: Casino Report

Knowing the Games

The second stage revolves around some understanding of the different gameplay offerings a casino holds. There are many different instances of gaming. Some hold better odds for the players, while others act as prayers for large payouts that usually keep the casino's piggy bank full. The first thing to know is the house always wins. Casinos implement proprietary strategies and functions that will always keep them ahead. Do you ever notice how very few stories are released regarding casino bankruptcy? In partner to that, how many stories do you hear about people losing it all at a casino? The results are skewed in favor of the casino 10 times out of 10. There is no gaming strategy that you can implement that could cause for a casino takedown, so save your dreams for your pillow. With knowing and recognizing this information, there are certain games that benefit a user. The odds will never be stacked in your favor, but instances of increased chances are not uncommon.

Most of the increased instances of chances reside in the strategy space. Games like Blackjack, Video Poker and other such games that involve a sense of thought are catered towards the player. The first instance of the increase comes in the knowledge advantage. Study up on the history of the game, going over certain odds streams and other such patterns. Using Blackjack as an example, you can actively increase your chances as the game progresses and with numerous opponents at the table. A single deck gameplay fashion also suits your odds, due to understanding remaining card types. For example, in the game of Blackjack, there are 16 different cards in the deck that hold a value of 10. An Ace holds the value of a 1 or an 11, whichever benefits the user. Since all cards are shown during the course of a game, one can actively view the availability of these sought-after high cards. If you are playing at a table with 4 other players and no face cards are shown for their 2-card draws, your odds of landing one of those increases. While this remains slight in scope to a 52-card deck, it is an advantage none-the-less. Locating the novice player or one that seems to be meaninglessly throwing away money can be an instance of success. These users will be more likely to take a “hit” on their draw in hopes of landing the famed “21” hand or “Blackjack”.

Video poker is the rare unicorn in the casino room. Some machines will feature a user advantage, albeit slight. Casinos range anywhere from a 0.40-0.60 advantage on video poker machines. Some simple math will show that the amounts coming in less than 0.50 to the casino's advantage would favor the player. Keeping this thought in the back of your head, your odds are increased in the video poker space. Basic card knowledge should still be applied, and these numbers should never be assumed. Most casinos will list these advantages somewhere on the outer portion of the machine or within the subcategories on the touchscreen.

Other card games, that include the element of human error and gutsy decision-making skills, give you the best odds of winning at a casino. These games are not for the meek and honing up on your skills prior to playing is highly recommended. With the many different applications available to users in the free space, you can download simple, mimicked versions of these games. This will give you a basic feel for how the playthrough occurs and allows you to track your instances of wins to losses. While this isn't an all-inclusive tool, it is something you can use to gain your footing before landing at a home-based casino.

After tailoring some of the best gameplay options, there are many instances that you should stay away from. Reverting to our initial entry to this guide, the flashing lights and loud sounds are just a distraction. They attract users to machines that host some of the highest casino advantages across the casino floor. They represent an instance of compromise, a draw for those who aren't as strong-minded as you are about to be. These games operate purely on chance and luck. There is no form of applied skill that one can use to calculate instances of winning and whether a machine is hot or not. Viewing someone wasting away hundreds of dollars and then trying to play is not a sure thing. Everything is calculated, and most of this calculation comes on an individual basis. Casinos will track user play and they know when to start someone off on a positive note. If you find success in the slot space, get out while you can. This is a glimmer that often loses its luster in quick fashion.

The same can be said for the table game of roulette. Notice, when you view a roulette table, how the color coding goes. There are red numbers, black numbers, and two green numbers. Almost immediately the user is attracted to the green numbers due to the difference in color. Would it surprise you to know that selecting a green number, as opposed to another number, carries the exact same odds? Most get lost in the sauce of color coding and brighter, larger spaces. This is yet another instance of casino calculation. They take their hardest instances of winning and display them in big, bright letters and colors. While these instances also mark the largest portions of winnings, the luck element does not disappear. If you must play roulette or like tracing your eyes in endless circles as the ball traces the playing field, bet the colors or even/odd instances. This is a 50/50 chance that pays out double what you bet. Not enough to make a living or a killing at the casino, but enough to gain the satisfaction of playing the game.

Setting Your Limits

The novice user often goes into this experience with high expectations and low amounts of funding. Anything we have ever been told associating to casinos and gambling is that life-changing instances can happen. Speaking of things that can happen, you could get struck by lightning in broad daylight. Is it likely? No. Can it happen? Sure. I think you've got the point on that comparison. It is important to set a limit to keep yourself in check. The best way to make this happen is to leave the debit and credit card at home. Withdraw your maximum playing amount and split it into sections. You can spend all your amounts on one game, but it is fun to explore a little.

Section your playing funds into separate patterns and periods. For example, if I have $100 to play with at a casino, I will dumb that $100 into 5 $20 bills to start. I will place $20 in my vehicle and only take $80 into the casino. Separate these funds into different pockets or areas of your checkbook. Start with only using one $20 bill. See where this takes you. If you find success from this initial amount, use your winnings as your playing cash. If you aren't successful, find that cool off place that you selected previously before returning to the playing room. A little time to regroup and calm yourself can bode well for continuing to play at a casino. Spending all of your funds quickly will only spoil your experience.

If, at any time, you exceed your initial playing amount, ensure you take the proper proceedings. The best course of advice is to secure your initial starting amount and lock it away in a safe place. This will not only make your winnings gravy, it will also help keep you sane in the light of victory. Remember, it is common for users to find initial success at whichever machine or table game they play. This initial stream of success is most common in the slot machine space. While this may seem all fine and dandy, it remains highly calculated and right on schedule with the casino's strategy. You have to be able to differentiate between dollar signs and stop signs. The second the dollar signs start to pop up is when you should begin to tamper your excitement and playing amounts. It is often downhill from there, leaving you with your own prescribed ways to rely on. Apply a proper gambling strategy and know your limits.

Carry Yourself Correctly

No one likes the guy who goes on a drunken tirade after consuming too many of the free cocktails. Others don't appreciate the loud screamer and attention-grabber that lets the whole room know when they have won $1.50. Carry on your way much like you would if you were in any other public establishment. There are many different individuals walking around a casino, all coming from different walks of life. Chatter and small-talk are okay but refrain from drawing too much attention. The casino is always at high attention, understanding the moves and counter moves of all patrons. If they notice you making a scene, you may be asked to leave or may even see a decrease in the success of play.

At the table games, refrain from touching your cards unless you are told to do so or are playing a game that requires you to do so. Performing this action may disqualify you from a hand or may cause for you to be banned from playing that game. While the dealing of bans is rare, it is not impossible. Respect the space and the fact that there is money on the line. Everyone is there for the same purpose: to leave with more than they started with. With all of the same mindsets floating around in one space, it is easy to get carried away. Keep your reverence, act accordingly, and respect the space like you would when entering someone else's home.

Those who act accordingly also stand better chances at being comped meals, playing funds, or even gaining insights from the dealers. Dealers have been perfecting their craft for quite some time and can tell when a player is new to a game. They may give you small tips, which is completely legal, to help you out. Their advice is free and often unbiased; take these little helpers when you can. They aren't going to tell you to hit on an 18 in a game of Blackjack, but they will recommend that you stay and verify your decisions in certain situations. These aren't little voices in your head, these are opinions of individuals who live and breathe this life day in and day out. Take little pointers, it can't hurt.

Check Your Point Earnings

Casinos are consistently running promotions and contests. When you visit, it is important to ensure you have your player's card ready and are using it for all forms of gameplay. Go over your course of play for the day or night and check your point balance at the end. You may be able to reach levels that allow you to additional playing credits or prizes. These points accumulate at every game you will play at the casino, causing them to add up quickly. Maybe you can leave with a little casino swag such as a t-shirt, hat, gloves, or a souvenir. At other times, new players receive an increased point amount for their time spent playing. These points can equate to credits for additional play. It is important to save this check for the end of the night and after you have reached your cash-out level or have spent your limit. It can represent the cherry on top of a successful night or can be that last hope at reaching the green. Whatever the case may be, do not ignore the free promotional offers. They are there to benefit your course of play and give you an extra boost when you are down. If it's free of strings and doesn't require forking over too much personal information, it is a program you can get behind as a player. Source

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