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Would the World Collapse if There Were no Sports?

Men's Issues

December 3, 2017

What if sports didn’t exist? Would you be ok with that? Or would you lose your mind? Well, most women would be happy with that, they’d get more time with their men. More of their “honey do list” would get done. For a majority of men, it would be the end of the world, the end of life, as we know it.

by Lexi Sheets

If not for sports, man would still be in the Neanderthal phase of evolution. Well at least close to it. Sports have helped us as human being learn what we are capable of and to push ourselves to do so much more. The first recorded sport was recognized in 760 B.C. Using Man's basic mode of transportation walking and running, they began having footraces and thus Track was born as the first recognized sport. With it, man came to learn that we are inherently competitive.

Fast-forward 1257 years into the future and we have where we have televised team sports. Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer and the list just keeps going. But whatever your sport of choice, I’m sure you probably have some kind of obsession with it. Why is that?

Well, there are several reasons for this obsession. You were brought up in a home of sports heads, groomed for it, or maybe your friends were into it. Whatever contributed to your obsession there is a reason. Take me for example; when I was a kid growing up in a backwoods Georgia town, I hated sports. I’d go to my uncle’s house and he’d have football on I’d go to my other uncle's house and he’d have golf on. I just couldn’t get away from the sports.

Then when I turned 16 my mother remarried, and my now step-dad loved football. Which took some getting use too. Entering the living room only to find football on the T.V all season long. Not just pro football either college too.

My home became a sports center for football. Growing up with a dad that had no interest in sports I had very little knowledge of the sports world and no knowledge of football. Which is why I hated the sport so much I didn’t understand what guys found entertaining about watching guys hit each other while fighting for an oddly shaped ball.

Well, that was about to change quickly. My step-dad put me through Football 101 after asking him that one question “ what is so entertaining about watching a bunch of men fight over an oddly shaped ball?” From that day forward I was in Class so to speak every time a game was live. He even had me record the game to a DVD-R so we could re-watch them later to learn schemes and positions.

I spent the next ten years of my life learning every aspect of the game. Once I knew all I needed to know about the game and understood what was going on. I finally understood “what was so entertaining” and I have been a fan ever since.

So, the point of that backstory was to show that most of us that love sports have had someone take the time to teach us what we needed to know, or learned it from the things going on around us. If you say you don’t like sports, then pick one to learn about and you might just find yourself loving it. Having a knowledge of a sport connects us to it.

We, men, like to consider our sports our Soaps with so much drama from week to week how can we not. We even like to put the fate of our lives into our favorite players and teams. With things like “ If he hits a home run, I’m going to get that job.” Or “ If they score a touchdown here, I will ask that girl out.”

We need sports to take our minds off the negative things going on in our lives if only for a few hours, it keeps us sane. If not for sports the world of men would be in total anarchy and chaos, we’d be killing one another at a far greater rate than we do now.

In closing, sports are needed because we humans are competitive beings, men need the distraction to stay sane and have something to talk about. So ladies just leave your man alone and let him enjoy his sports, be glad that at least you know where he is and that he’s not next door screwing the neighbor.


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