Subscription Boxes for Men

Whether you're looking for a gift idea for a friend or loved one, or just want to treat yourself, there are subscription boxes for men out there for every taste and budget. The boxes listed below are just the tip of the iceberg for what you might find at your doorstep each month!

Five Four Club

If your wardrobe needs an update, the Five Four Club subscription service might be a good option to try. You start by taking a short style quiz that helps them figure out what your fashion sense is.

After that, you'll get about two clothing items a month in styles that range from hipster to classic: past boxes have included items like button-down shirts, chinos, and jeans.

Five Four costs about $60 a month and offers free size exchanges.


Harry's was founded in 2013, so they've been in the subscription box service for a pretty long time.

They're a company that ships you razors and other shaving accessories.

Harry's offers different “shave plans” that starts with a free trial and can be built to recurring shipments of blade and gel refills.


Hello Fresh

If you're more of a foodie, Hello Fresh lets you make about 3-4 meals per week, depending on the plan you pick and how many people you're cooking for.

You can choose from one of 13 recipes each week and the menu is always changing. (They even offer a “veggie” plan for vegetarian/vegan chefs.) Each box has a clear recipe card and ingredients that are already portioned out.

Hello Fresh has a wine club in addition to their regular recipe box. The wines are curated to complement each Hello Fresh meal.

There's a mixed wine plan, but you can also choose a specifically red or white plan depending on your taste preferences. Each wine box includes six bottles and has an online segment with tasting notes and advice on food pairings.


Tasting Room

The Tasting Room box lets you unleash your inner sommelier with new wines every month. The company sends you full-sized bottles of either red or white wines, and you can choose how many bottles you want per shipment.

You establish your taste profile by rating a kit of six mini bottles. After that, you can continue to refine your preferences by rating each new bottle that Tasting Room sends you.

As a subscriber, you also get to preview your orders and cancel any wines that don't look good.


Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post sends boxes that fit a specific theme. While the theme changes each month, some common categories are related to drinking, travel, and grooming supplies.

You'll get things like whiskey, cigars, sunglasses, and hair gel that are all from the indie brands that Bespoke Post partners with.

You have the option to skip a theme that doesn't interest you. Bespoke Post also offers a single-month box for a trial run.



Battlbox is specifically designed for the outdoorsman in you, whether you're roughing it in the wild for days at a time, or just going fishing for the afternoon.

The monthly themes are called “missions.” Past missions have been called “Deep in the Woods,” “Zombie Box,” and “Self Reliance.”

Each box has a “mission card” that gives a situation report telling the story behind the box's contents. Boxes typically include items like knives, self-preserving food, and tactical gear.

You start at the “basic” level, which typically has about 4 items per box, but can spend more to upgrade to the “advanced,” “pro,” or even “pro plus” levels for more specialized equipment.

The website lets you preview the box's contents and purchase the items directly.

Loot Crate

Satisfy your inner nerd with the geeky contents of a Loot Crate. The company's monthly boxes are specifically designed around fandom – whatever that means to you.

There are different themes that you can choose from. Some boxes are for pop culture and television or film fans, while others are for gamers.

Sometimes LootCrate also sells limited-edition boxes that are one-off collections based on popular series such as Stranger Things. There are even Loot Crates for pets. If you don't want a particular theme, you can also order general apparel boxes (or “LootWear”) that offer t-shirts, socks, and underwear.

Gentleman's Box

The Gentleman's Box subscription is very similar to Bespoke Post in that it is also oriented around sending unique lifestyle items from smaller brands. The Gentleman's Box is partnered with GQ, so each box includes a one-year subscription to the magazine. You also get about 4-6 items such as accessories and grooming supplies. The monthly theme is a type of gentleman, from a “space officer” to a “master distiller.”

Not only are there themed boxes, but you can also choose the “mystery box” at either the $100 or $200 value range.

The mystery box is a blend of products from previous boxes. If you want to narrow down the Gentleman's Box offerings even further, the company has an apparel subscription service with their “tie of the month” or “sock of the month” clubs. The premium box subscription is a quarterly box shipment that sends you of $300 worth of a variety of accessories at $100 per quarter.


This particular subscription is a good choice if you're a true coffee connoisseur. MistoBox curates your monthly coffee shipment based on a brief taste quiz. Select your preferred roast level, type of coffee (or decaf), and how often you drink it. Finally, you choose what “experience” you want. The “favorites” option will send you the same coffee in every delivery.

The “adventure” option will send you 80 different coffees at once, from over 25 different roasters. You can pick if you're shopping for yourself or sending the MistoBox as a gift.

The coffee in the personal boxes is roasted and shipped immediately. Gift boxes are sent on a scheduled basis and you have the choice to include coffee accessories like a mug.