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The Evolution of Video Games, Where will we be in 10 years?

Although Atari was the first company to create a home console back in 1975 and had their hit arcade game Pong transition to it, I believe that the modern video game console is more a product of the boom that the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) created.  The NES was the first of many Nintendo consoles in a long line of Nintendo.

The Nintendo Entertainment System was introduced to the world in 1985, it was the first to use to use a pad controller over the joystick that the Atari had with its system. Nintendo also was the first company to use the hardware as the loss leader and make their profits from the games themselves as pointed out by JEFF TYSON in his History of Video Games article. This Strategy worked and Nintendo changed the face of the video game market.

by Lexi Sheets

Then in 1988 Sega joined the console market with its Genesis console, which sold well worldwide with its 16-bit graphics. Nintendo responded to this with a 16-bit console their own the Super NES and with it the consoles wars began. Sega and Nintendo would battle for the Market crown for the next ten years. Releasing the Sega CD, Sega Saturn, and the Sega Dreamcast received an answer from Nintendo for each one with the Nintendo V.R, Nintendo 64, and the Nintendo Wii.

Although Nintendo didn’t release the Wii until another heavy hitter joined in the consoles war and was making waves. Sony Entertainment an extension of Sony Inc. had put out on the market a 128-bit console capable of 3D imaging in 1994 with its Sony PlayStation.

With its 3D graphics, it changed the playing field of the console wars to the point that Sega was forced to withdraw from the console wars and turn their focus to making games. Nintendo had to go back to the drawing broad to begin work on what was released as the Nintendo Wii, which wasn’t released until Microsoft had joined the console war.

Microsoft the computer software titan ran by Bill Gates joined the console wars when they decided to put out their version of a Playstation and called it The Xbox.

The Xbox joined the market December 2001. Microsoft had managed to make Sony and Nintendo step-up their game in order to keep up with what Microsoft was doing from year to year. With the Xbox on the market, Sony had to reinvent their Playstation and released the PlayStation 2.

Then Microsoft answered back with the Xbox360, which took gaming to a whole new level. Sony was once again forced to keep up, so Sony responded with another revamp of the PlayStation with the release of the PlayStation 3.

Then on November 15th, 2013 Sony tried to get a one up on Microsoft by releasing the newest console the Playstation 4 seven days before Microsoft released their newest console the Xbox one released on November 22nd, 2013. Both systems have taken gaming graphics to a whole new level while sparking a bit of a rivalry between the two fan bases as to which system is better.

With all advancements in the technology of game consoles where will we be in the next ten years? They have already managed to make our games come to life with realistic graphics what else will they manage to do with them? Will with T.V technology advancing as well, who knows what we’ll see next?

We may see the day when we fully interact with our games much like the holo-decks of Star Trek. Then again we could be playing video games with our minds without the use of controllers.

Wherever games are headed with companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo making them it’s sure to be a wild ride.